Saturday, October 31, 2009


My wee pup doesn't think he's a dog- he's a cat in disguise....he's cat dog... he run's away from cats.....he howls and miaows when he sees mice...he stalks the gerbil ... he grooms himself..he sneezes lots...he hates fireworks.....he walks on two legs, swims like a fish.... walks on walls, he is Mungo

My wee pup - Mungo

teenagers..what happened to the girl I once knew..

Lydie asked for a cat last Christmas - this was the best I could do ......:) le petit chat...'cats look down on us, dogs up to us , but pigs are our equal.'..I think that was Winston Churchill.
I think we are meant to treat teenagers like cats; put the food out leave them alone and they'll come to us when they want something. They are also like jelly hard to pin down...

my daughter and sister call me marmoset, my friend calls me marmy for short. My bffl calls me meerkat, my business name is Helkat.....